Nadia Honarchian was born october 21, 1967 in London (UK) and grew up in London (UK) and Baden (CH).


In her youth she discovered her love for photography. After her apprenticeship as architectural techni- cian she studied photography from 1991-94 at the London College of Communication (LCC) in London, UK. 1994 she was accepted at the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography). She obtained a diploma in 2009 as Multimedia-Producer at the SAE Zurich, CH.

Since the mid 80s Nadia participated to establish several galleries and art exhibitions, 1995 she founded the visuals-project trigger.ch, in cooperation with Claude Steiner. They realized several slide-installations and live video performances at various cultural events. From 2000 to 2008, she worked in the Nachtschatten publisher from Solothurn, Switzerland in graphical and artistic activity.. Since then she works as freelancer and artist.

From 2000-2003 she lived and worked in Berlin, D and returned to Zurich 2004. 2012 she moved to the area of Bordeaux, FR but then again returned to Berlin 2014, where she lives and works to date.

Aa a photographer Nadia looks back at a wide ranged body of artwork: traveldocumentary, commercials, editorial work, book-, LP-, CD- and DVD-covers, poster-, flyer and vide- odesign, stage design for theatre and dance. The experimental work mostly starts off in the classic, partly analog produced photography to be arran- ged and finished in graphic programs on the macintosh. They often express inner images, visions, fears and emotions in a mystical way.

Since 1989 she participated in various art exhibitions and installations in the area of experimental and classical photography at Galleries in London, New York, Belgrade, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich, Basel, Bern, Gruyères, Aarau, Baden and Bordeaux.

Since 1994 she also participated in several videoart productions, video and slide installations at various events in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Serbia and India.

For the footage of the light installations, video projections and interior light designs she takes her own pictures and videofootage to present them in an impressive way thus outside of galleries and the art industry. These installations are unique, because they are always in interaction with space, event and music.
So when she creates the video footage it‘s matched by synchronization with the base pace of the music and the desire to match the images to complement the musical mood. Finally, during the live mix, a symbiosis between sound and image is generated.